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Winston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing

What to do about hyperactivity in children including those with ADHD, SPD and ASD
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Winston Wallaby, like most Wallabies, loves to bounce. However, Winston can't seem to ever sit still and when he starts school he needs help to concentrate...

Luckily his teacher Mrs Calm shows Winston how to settle down and focus his mind in class, and he learns new ways to help him with touch, feel, attention and awareness.

This fun, illustrated storybook will help children aged 5-10 with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) recognise their sensory needs and develop tools to support them. A helpful introduction for parents and carers explains hyperactivity and how it can affect a child's perception of the world, and the appendices at the back provide useful strategies to be adopted at school and at home.
  • Published: Dec 19 2017
  • Pages: 72
  • 286 x 221mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924033
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Press Reviews

  • Joel Shaul, LCSW is the author of The ASD Feel Better Book and other books for children on the autism spectrum

    Winston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing is an appealing and truly useful book for kids with hyperactivity. Children quickly identify with the hyperactive main character and are drawn in by the story and illustrations. Adults will find the advice portion of the book to be a treasure of well-organized tips and suggestions.
  • Brian R. King, MSW, 'The Compassionate Dad'

    The authors offer us a gem of a book in the spirit of Dr Seuss. I saw my youngest son jump from the pages as the story of Winston taught the valuable lesson of how to support bouncy children (Wallabies) in the simplest of ways to help them be successful. It really touched my heart.
  • Sue Larkey, Teacher, Author "Making it a Success"

    This book is perfect for all children to understand ADHD, SPD and ASD. It cleverly explains how Winston wants to control his actions and the frustration at not being able to. It then explains how including "movement breaks" helps him to be able to learn. It is delightfully written and includes fabulous illustrations - children are going to love Winston.
  • Ros Huntley B.Ed., M.Ed, ( autism children) Specialist Teacher for Autism and Social Communication, Essex

    Winston Wallaby ! What a great book to help young people, parents/carers and educators about living with ADHD!. A fun story and very clear advice and support materials. I love it.