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Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees

What to Do, What Not to Do, and How to Help
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This hands-on guide provides accessible, insightful advice for practitioners who find themselves working with asylum seekers and refugees. Part I covers the essentials of understanding refugees' experiences including what they are coping with now they are in the UK, definitions, entitlements and restrictions, equality, positive action, and practical engagement including improving access to services and overcoming language barriers. Part II prepares professionals for meeting a wide range of needs, including housing, poverty, health and mental health, and training and employment. It also cover issues and opportunities when working with child and young refugees.

This pragmatic book accompanies social workers, medical staff, educators, charity workers and housing professionals in their daily work, and illustrates the perspective of refugees themselves. A passionate and compassionate response to the needs of displaced people, it is an excellent starting point for all those working to create a safe and welcoming environment where refugees and asylum seekers are supported.
  • Published: May 21 2019
  • Pages: 272
  • 230 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923173
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Press Reviews

  • Sheila Heard, Managing Director, Transitions London CIC, Employment Services for Refugee Engineers and Business Services professionals

    This book for busy hands-on staff is a jewel. In an environment with no go-to Government refugee services agency, or training for specialist advisers, a book like this is gold-dust. Clear, informative, straight-talking, well indexed with wonderful touches of respectful humour. Helping staff and their refugee clients overcome barriers and restart interrupted careers and lives.
  • John Murphy, London Churches Refugee Fund & Network

    This book transformed my thinking by releasing refugees and asylum seeker from those static labels into becoming agents of their own lives; by creating a role for any of us to assist each refugee engage with the access points for public services. I liked the conversational style, supported with experience and resources.
  • Ayman Uweida, Member of REAP, Professional Interpreter and Refugee

    The kind of book that can be read from any page, and deserves a centre space of a home library.
  • Ezechias Ngendahayo, MInstF (Dip), Projects and Training Coordinator, Development Team, Refugee Council

    Sarah Crowther has dedicated her life so far to making it easy for refugees in West London to get help, to access services, and to integrate into society. This wonderful book makes it easy for readers to understand why refugees come to Britain and the issues they face, and to know what to do to help a refugee in front of them.
  • Oleg Pasichnyi, Ex-Refugee, Member of REAP, Professional Interpreter/Translator, Social Policy Researcher

    This book will certainly help you to get a clearer, more realistic picture of the present-day challenges refugees face in the UK and worldwide, and it will also increase your understanding of the complexity of the lives of people in exile. Reading this will inform you about all the relevant issues. More importantly, using this book will prepare you to become better at what you do whenever you help refugees and asylum seekers - regardless of your society, community, profession or ethnicity, as it provides a wealth of practical knowledge that you can use to develop a positive, proactive and progressive approach to your work and the work your organisation does
  • Khalida Obeid, Afghan Women's Support Group Coordinator

    This book fully appreciates the struggles that refugees and asylum seekers face, such as: identity, health, language barriers, living conditions and education. It tackles these deep and complex issues with an honest and sensitive approach which is important if we aim to have an inclusive, supportive and productive society.
  • Asif Afridi, Deputy CEO, brap (UK-based equality and human rights charity)

    With specialist support for refugees dwindling, this book argues we can all expand our roles and expertise to support refugees more effectively. The book offers helpful practical advice, but also successfully navigates complex policy and ethical terrain, providing a valuable snapshot of the state of refugee support in the UK.